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Florida at Sea: A Maritime History of Florida, 2023.    Nick Wynne, Joe Knetsch and Robert Redd.    
ISBN 978-1-9772-5027-8

History Press, Paper $23.99. Will be released April 14,2023
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 From small ports to large ports, from rivers to creeks, from lakes to lagoons, water routes have been essential to Florida's development as a commercial, recreational, agricultural, and cultural entity. With more than 30,000 lakes and ponds and some 1,700 rivers, creeks, and streams, Florida ranks second in the list of wettest states in the USA. Native Americans used the rivers, creeks, and lakes as routes to various locales within the peninsula while harvesting fish and other aquatic edibles to sustain their daily lives. Early European settlers followed suit and supplemented their diets with the bounty from the oceans and fresh water sources. Into statehood, settlers relied on the same sources for food while using fresh water to make the land productive for food and cash crops. By the early decades of the 20th Century, water became a marketable attraction to lure millions of tourists to Florida for recreation and sports. The trend continues today. Join a trio of authors on this look at the immense impact water and maritime activities have played in he development of Florida.



Cousin Bob: The World War II Experiences of Robert Morris Warren, DSC, 2022.    Co-authored with Joe Knetsch.    ISBN 978-1-9772-5027-8

Outskirts Press, Parker, CO. Paper $20.95.
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 Robert Morris Warren was a first-generation Jewish American from Detroit. A member of a prominent Detroit-Flint manufacturing family, he chose to become a lawyer. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1940, worked for the Office of Price Administration, but left his position to enlist in the United States Army in 1943 as a private. He was eventually assigned to the 143rd Infantry Regiment, a unit of the 36th Infantry Division, and participated in several campaigns in Italy, France, and southern Germany. In command of a mortar squad, Warren was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest award for bravery. During his time in service, he exchanged multiple letters with Herman and Celia Chapin, friends from Central High School in Detroit. Those letters are the focus of this book.
Discharged in late 1945, he resumed the practice of law in Detroit. He died on December 30, 1978.


 Nick Wynne received his doctorate from the University of Georgia and is the author or co-author of a variety of books, including books on southern history, the American Civil War, and several novels about the inhabitants of the fictional town of Metterville, Georgia. He lives in Rockledge, Florida, with his wife, Debra Chapin Wynne, and a solitary (and old) cat, Sophie. He can be reached via email at For a full listing of his books, visit


 Joe Knetsch received his doctorate from Florida State University, and he is active in a number of historical societies around the state. A dynamic speaker, he is frequently called upon to address groups around Florida. He is the author or co-author of multiple books on Florida’s history from early statehood to the Cuban missile crisis. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Tallahassee, and can be reached by email at

Florida Civil War Blockade Book Cover 



Florida Civil War Blockades: Battling for the Coast, 2011.     Co-authored with Joe Crankshaw.

The History Press, Charles, SC. Paper $19.99.

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Florida in the Spanish American War Book Cover 



Florida in the Spanish American War, 2011.
Co-authored with Joe Knetsch.

The History Press, Charleston, SC. Paper $21.99.

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Florida in World War II Book Cover 



Florida in World War II: Floating Fortress, 2010.
Co-authored with Richard Moorhead.

The History Press, Charleston, SC. Paper $24.99.

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Paradise for Sale Book Cover



Paradise for Sale: Florida’s Booms and Busts, 2010.
Co-authored with Richard Moorhead.

The History Press, Charles, SC. Paper $21.99.

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Golf In Florida, 1886-1950 Book Cover



Golf In Florida, 1886-1950, 2008.
Co-authored with Richard Moorhead.

Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC. Paper $21.99.

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Florida’s Antebellum Homes Book Cover



Florida’s Antebellum Homes, 2004.
Co-authored with John T. Parks.

Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC. Paper $26.99.

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Florida in the Civil War Book Cover



Florida in the Civil War, 2001.
Co-authored with Robert A. Taylor.

The Civil War History Series, Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC. Paper $18.99.

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Tin Can Tourists in Florida 1900-1970 Book Cover



Tin Can Tourists in Florida 1900-1970.

Images of America Series. Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, SC, 1999.

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Florida Pathfinders Book Cover



Florida Pathfinders, 1994.
Co-edited with James J. Horgan.

St. Leo College Press. Available on or







This War So Horrible Book Cover



This War So Horrible: The Civil War Diary of Hiram Smith Williams, 40th Alabama Confederate Pioneer. 1993.     Co-edited with Robert A. Taylor.

University of Alabama Press. Hardback $27.50. Paper $24.95.

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Divided We Fall Book Cover



Divided We Fall: Essays on Confederate Nation Building.     Co-edited with John M. Belahlovek.

St. Leo College Press, 1991.

Copies available on New approximately $73.00, used $5.00.







The Continuity of Cotton Book Cover



The Continuity of Cotton: Planter Politics in Georgia, 1865-1892.

Mercer University Press, 1986.

Copies available through, Barnes and Nobles, and other on-line sites. Prices range from $35.00 to $130.00.